Simon Carter

Managing Director, Morphosis  & Founding Chair, Sustainable Digitalisation Project

Simon Carter is Managing Director of Morphosis, an independent sustainability strategy practice specialising in the property sector. With a background in architecture and history heading sustainability in companies, he now works with many of Australia’s leading property groups, as well as other corporates and government.

Simon is also the Founding Chair of the Sustainable Digitalisation Project (SDP), a collaboration across industry, government and academia working to make digitalisation in real estate and cities responsible, ethical and sustainable. In 2018, he authored Crossing the Threshold – a primer for sustainable digitalisation in real estate and cities, co-published by Morphosis and RICS.

Takes part in

  • Future of Office Space SummitView Full Event
  • 16:30 - 17:10

    Sustainability in the spotlight - Looking at how ESG is driving greater sustainability acrosscommercial real estate

    Before Covid changed the landscape, ESG and the need for greater sustainability was coming of age. Today, tenants have taken up the baton, making it even more important for developers and landlords to design, build and operate with ESG at the forefront as the push towards Net-Zero gathers pace.  

    • Assessing the role and impact of ESG has had upon Commercial Real Estate and how it has evolved over the last 24 months? 
    • How is technology playing a key role in addressing sustainability issues and enabling commercial buildings to tread more lightly on the planet? 
    • Starting with construction and ending with ongoing faciliites management, what are the best prctices we can adopt and what impact is it having on sustainable CRE? 
    • Examining much of a factor is sustainability when tenants are considering which buildings they’d like to operate in? 
    Panellists include:
    Margot Black General Manager Corporate Sustainability, Investa
    Bruce Precious Principal, Six Capitals Consulting
    Jeffrey Robinson Global Head of Sustainability, Aurecon
    Moderated by:
    Simon Carter Managing Director, Morphosis  & Founding Chair, Sustainable Digitalisation Project
  • Industrial Real Estate SummitView Full Event
  • 15:50 - 16:30

    Sustainability Fireside Chat - Industrial Grade ESG - How design and technology are the keys to Industrial Real Estate sustainability

    The global real estate sector is the largest contributor to the global climate crisis. In this session we examine why this culpability is driving big changes in how architects, builders, owners, operators and tenants are all working to tread more lightly on the earth and instil sustainable principles across the industrial landscape. In this session, we examine the technologies that are enabling the move towards sustainability and the ESG principles making it possible: 

    • How is climate change impacting how we approach industrial portfolios? 
    • Green & circular – using solar panels on the roofs of warehouses and other renewable energy sources to achieve carbon neutrality 
    • What other design and technology methods can be used to reduce energy and water consumption and drive bottom-line impact 
    • What role does procurement, social impact, diversity & inclusion play in industrial construction and maintenance? 
    Guest include:
    Andrew Thai Sustainability Manager, Frasers Property Industrial
    Tamara Williams Director, ESG, Altis Property Partners

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