Proptech NEXT Webinar

Overcoming the challenges of technology deployment in commercial real estate

Investing in tech is a no-brainer for the property sector – so why isn’t it happening faster? 

PropTechs’ promise to revolutionise the built world, however, the speed of technology uptake across the real estate industry has been relatively slow. So what’s causing this? 

In this series of candid conversations with industry heavyweights, we find out what some of the hurdles are, and steps that can be taken to better identify and accelerate the adoption of technology. We examined what it takes for a PropTech start-up to be successful, what lessons the industry can learn from other industries and some of the unique challenges faced by CRE companies looking to deploy technology across their portfolios. 

This webinar took place on 15 September – 9:30 am to 11.30 am AEST.

This webinar supports Proptech NEXT Summit 2021, a large event that will bring together hundreds of senior real estate leaders, VCs, Investors and technology companies from Asia-Pacific and the world to connect, learn, identify opportunities and find partners.


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15 September 2021 – Wednesday

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The speakers

Aaron Block

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, MetaProp (USA)

Stephanie Chung

Head of Digital and Technology, CBRE ANZ

Ryan Coon

Co-founder and CEO, Avail

Sheridan Ware

Sheridan Ware

Chief Information & Technology Officer, Charter Hall

Tica Hessing

Wee Su Lin

Executive Director, Head of Asset Management (Southeast Asia), PGIM Singapore

Nicole Schmidt

Chief Executive Officer, Source

Aaron McGhee

Chief Operating Officer  &  Chief Financial Officer, Knight Frank

Tica Hessing

Patrick Harlalka

Investment Manager, Panthera Property Group

  • Webinar Agenda
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    Chairman’s opening remarks

    By Leon Kantor Co-Founder & COO, FuturePlace
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    Keynote Fireside Chat I - Startup innovation: Uncovering the secrets to seeding greatness in PropTechs globally

    In June 2021MetaProp’s closed their $100M Fund III, which is the largest global PropTech seed fund”. Aaron is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of MetaProp, a New York-based venture capital firm focused on the PropTech industry. Founded in 2015, MetaProp’s investment team has invested in 100+ technology companies across the real estate value chain. The firm manages multiple investment funds for both financial and strategic real estate investors representing a pilot- and test-ready sandbox of 15+ billion square feet across every real estate asset type and global market. In this session we question him on:

    • What is the secret sauce and how do MetaProp identify and develop the start-ups that they see as having the most potential and making the biggest impact?
    • Which are the most promising types of tech and sectors today and where are MetaProp looking for start-ups globally?
    • How will tech and digitalisation re-shape the industry across all real estate sectors?
    • What are the lessons learnt along the way and what is next for MetaProp?
    • Building the future and what’s NEXT for the property industry and for PropTechs globally
    Guest include:
    Aaron Block Co-founder and Managing Partner, MetaProp
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    Proptech Innovation Showcase

    In this session, we hear from some leading Proptech start-ups who are a part of the MetaProp Accelerator program who are each delivering innovative solutions to meet current challenges of the built world.
    The founders will share their insights into why they have developed these solutions and how their tech will transform key aspects of the sector.

    Proptech 1: Avail

    Proptech 2: Source

    Panellists include:
    Ryan Coon Co-founder and CEO, Avail
    Nicole Schmidt Chief Executive Officer, Source - USA
    Moderated by:
    Aaron Block Co-founder and Managing Partner, MetaProp
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    Creating a Tech Centric Strategy for your Business

    By Aaron McGhee Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Knight Frank Australia

    Hear Aaron McGhee discuss how he leads innovation within Knight Frank and how they identify, deploy and use Proptechs across their portfolio of buildings. Tune in to hear best practices and how Aaron approaches transforming the company’s technology practice through data analysis and other crucial aspects of their Proptech strategy. 

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    Panel discussion - From Smart Buildings to sustainable, intelligent portfolios: Overcoming common challenges to create an effective Proptech Deployment Strategy

    The majority of problems that arise when putting together a Smart Building occur in the initial planning stage of the build. In this session we examine how to overcome these challenges and shift to make the industry more successful; and how can Proptech assist businesses to be more agile across the procurement, supply chain, construction and ongoing facilities management?

    • Applying tech during the build of a Smart Commercial Building
    • Examining how can builders’ price correctly if a tech is not chosen at the start of a project?
    • Examining the role of Data and how it can be applied to all aspects of tech deployment and beyond
    • Assessing what you can do when your tech can become outdated so quickly?
    • How data, ESG standards and a holistic platform approach can enable and optimise real estate portfolio management
    • What are the other considerations to make when identifying and applying a new technology across your portfolio?


    Panellists include:
    Sheridan Ware Chief Information and Technology Officer, Charter Hall
    Patrick Harlalka Co-Founder, Mall of the Future & Investment Manager, Panthera Group
    Wee Su Lin Executive Director, Head of Asset Management (Southeast Asia), PGIM - Singapore
    Moderated by:
    Stephanie Chung Head of Digital and Technology, CBRE ANZ

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This webinar was designed for CRE executives charged with evaluating, implementing and investing in technology. 

The first part of the webinar provided insights from one of the world’s leading proptech VCs around how to identify high growth tech start-ups, as well as as showcasing some of the top companies they have recently invested in.

The second part of the webinar featured leaders from within the CRE sector discussing how to successfully put tech driven innovation at the heart of your business, as well as exploring some of the biggest challenges around implementing new technologies into buildings and across property portfolios.

This webinar offered a little taste of what will be covered at the PropTech NEXT Summit on December 8th-10th.