Robert Hsu

Senior Manager, Digital Experience & Accessibility, HSBC

Robert currently occupies the position of Senior Manager in Digital Experience and Accessibility for HSBC. He advocates inclusive and accessible digital experiences for culturally and linguistically diverse communities of all abilities and disabilities, to empower everyone to adapt to the world around and achieve more.

He is also in the advisory committee of the Hong Kong Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2022-23, organised by the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) and co-organised by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, with the Equal Opportunities Commission as the independent advisor. It aims to encourage local enterprises and organisations to adopt accessibility design in their websites and mobile applications, and to join hands in building an inclusive society.

Takes part in

  • Digital Office Experience (DEX Management) WebinarView Full Event
  • 13:25 - 13:45

    Special Address: How HSBC unlocks the power of technology to enable greater accessibility in an inclusive and diverse work environment.

    By Robert Hsu Senior Manager, Digital Experience & Accessibility, HSBC
    • The journey from compliance to providing a great experience through research and insight-led inclusivity 
    • Accessible by design &innovation 
    • Ensuring no barriers stopping disabled colleagues from thriving at HSBC or limiting their productivity and contribution. 
  • 14:00 - 14:40

    Panel discussion: Sharing experiences of transformation in the digital office: Ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and inclusive team meetings

    The key issue for the digital office is ensure that all employees, wherever they are based are on an even playing field and receive critical information in the same format. The way technology is used, especially during team meetings has a major impact on team culture and collaboration.

    Panellists include:
    Graham Lim Senior Partner Manager APAC, Globalization Partners
    Monique Zytnik Global Employee Communication Expert, Open Communication Group
    Sasha Wight Founder and Lead Consultant, Wrkflow
    Matthew Walton Commercial Manager, Symmetry HR
    Moderated by:
    Steve Saunders Senior Account Executive, RingCentral

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