Rebecca De Cicco

Founder & Chair, Women in BIM and Principal - Digital Operations, Aurecon

Rebecca De Cicco is a global BIM expert, thought leader and innovator who acts as a role model across the world in BIM and Digital Processes and standards. Her experience is vast and having worked for a number of Architectural practices in Australia and the UK she founded her own consultancy Digital Node which acted to support clients, industry and education in the uptake of BIM related processes and technology.

Digital Node was established in the UK and Rebecca worked closely with industry in this region to support BIM knowledge, education as well as alignment to industry BIM Standards. Her work was extensive in this region working for government clients, industry organisations as well as education providers to support BIM implementation and education.

In March 2021, Digital Node was acquired by global advisory firm Aurecon, who provide leading digital transformation and BIM capability to its people, clients and projects. Aurecon is an engineering, design and advisory company that brings ideas to life by enabling innovative solutions and digital delivery across a variety of different projects. Rebecca’s role across Aurecon is to support the organisation on a number of fronts including building the capability and capacity of the global group, as well as standardising the approach toward project delivering in line with international standards.

Rebecca also founded the not for profit group, Women in BIM, in the UK in 2012. Her vision was to create an opportunity to gather and grow women in this space by providing an outlet to network, share and work together. The group started off as a relatively UK focused initiative and it has now become a global support network with WIB leaders positioned in over 43 countries across the globe driving and supporting their main themes and incentives.

As an industry thought leader, Rebecca has been awarded numerous awards and recognitions for her work across the Construction industry and continues to strive to make a difference to ultimately help drive change and innovation in her sector.

Takes part in

  • Future of Construction SummitView Full Event
  • 12:15 - 13:00

    Panel session: BIM me up Scotty - Examining the latest developments in BIM, data and technology as the new construction normal

    The construction industry will always need humans to provide the knowledge behind the project.  This will not change.  But what will change is the way projects are created, managed and delivered beyond today’s limitations of the design, construction and facility management process.  Join us for an exploration of how BIM as a tool for managing the building and construction process is changing the industry forever and how you can position yourself for success.

    • Where are we in relation to BIM and how has it evolved over the last few years?
    • Reviewing real world examples of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Voice Assistance, Big Trusted Data, Robotics, Augmented/Virtual Reality and BIM 2.0
    • Steps you and your company can take to thrive in the new normal by implementing workflows and technologies that fit your company and your situation
    • How does BIM develop how work gets done with project partners based on the new normal?
    • Mapping out the unification of 3D printing and BIM data with digital fabrication and manufacturing to help automate production of prefabricated assemblies
    Panellists include:
    Rebecca De Cicco Founder & Chair, Women in BIM and Principal - Digital Operations, Aurecon
    Dominik Holzer Associate Professor, Digital Architectural Design, University of Melbourne
    Jenny Tseng Principal Digital Advisory, Mott MacDonald
    Moderated by:
    James Cameron Executive Director, Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF)

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