ESG in Real Estate – Webinar

How to improve your governance and risk frameworks

ESG risk management is required for investors, managers, and occupiers of real estate.

This webinar focused on ensuring your governance frameworks are appropriate and fit for purpose.

We set down current responsibilities and obligations and show compliant ESG enterprise frameworks. These discussions include regulatory expectations, behaviour modification and digital tools.

This free webinar for industry professionals was held in the lead up to the 2nd Annual ESG in Real Estate Summit taking place on 8 – 9 June, this year.


27 April 2022 – Wednesday

1:00pm – 2:30pm (AEST)

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The speakers

Dr Peter Crow

Quarry Group Ltd

Sheridan Ware

Paul Stanley

ESG Advisory – Middle East, WSP

Sheridan Ware

Tim Jones

The Grow Good Guy

Dr Charles Ehrhart

Partner & Lead Climate Change, Decarbonisation, ESG & Sustainability, KPMG

Sheridan Ware

Nick Heuzenroeder

CEO & Portfolio Manager, Haven Wealth Fund

Sheridan Ware

Lisa Hinde

Head of Sustainability, Real Estate Management Services, Colliers

  • Webinar Agenda27 April 2022
  • 13:00 - 13:05

    Opening remarks

    By Tina Dacombe-Luke Executive Producer, FuturePlace
  • 13:05 - 13:25

    Keynote - Making sense of sustainability and ESG in today’s rapidly changing world: A board’s eye view

    By Dr Peter Crow Founder, Quarry Group Ltd

    Sustainability and ESG have become hot topics in the business world in recent years. Many opinions, frameworks and best practices have been suggested to help boards of directors and executive leaders position their enterprises for long-term success. Despite this, the road forward is far from clear, even to the extent that ESG lacks a solid definition. Let’s look candidly at:

    • Strategically important issues
    • How a board can determine what matters
    • How to chart a course to thrive in the future
  • 13:25 - 13:45

    Keynote – To B or Not to B: The What, Why and How of B Corp Certification for CRE Organisations

    By Tim Jones CEO & Founder, Grow Good (B-Corp)
    • The history of B Corps: The B Lab Story
    • Business trends driving the rise of B Corps
    • The ROI – Investment and impact of B Corp
    • How B Corp brings purpose to life through operations
    • How to get Certified. Simplified.
    • What B Corp Certification looks like in the built environment.
  • 13:45 - 14:30

    Panel Discussion: Planet, Profit, People: Successfully implemented specific, practical, and transparent ESG strategies means committing to ESG can be good for the environment and business too but what does this look like for CRE?

    Explicit pivoting toward a long-term sustainable business strategy is now being viewed as crucial to continued corporate success and longevity

    In this session, we look at implementing a successful ESG strategy in the built environment and how to pre-position your Organisation for continued growth and sustainability.

    • ESG Governance, Data and Risk Management frameworks that achieve CRE compliance
    • Monitoring internal and external ESG metrics
    • Troubleshooting blind spots
    • Advanced AI, Deep data analytics, sensors, modelling capabilities
    • ESG as an integral driver of economic recovery and long-term portfolio value
    Panellists include:
    Dr Charles Ehrhart Partner & Lead Climate Change, Decarbonisation, ESG & Sustainability, KPMG
    Nick Heuzenroeder CEO & Portfolio Manager, Haven Wealth Fund
    Lisa Hinde Head of Sustainability, Colliers
    Paul Stanley ESG Advisory Service Lead - Middle East, WSP
    Moderated by:

This webinar was held on 27 April 2022

Together, we unpacked how to make sense of Sustainability and ESG for CRE organisations in today’s rapidly changing world.

In addition to a world class keynote, we have included a global case study focused on an accredited ESG framework in action.