Peter Zorn

Talent and Transformation, IBM Consulting

Takes part in

  • Workforce management strategies for a post-covid era WebinarView Full Event
  • 13:45 - 14:30

    Panel discussion: Reframing the approach to Workforce Management - Changing paradigms of how workers are viewed and what should be included in a high value wellness program

    Every member of a workforce adds value and as such should be respected as a professional. Management signals this by providing a competitive salary, adding non-monetary benefits and perks, recognising employee achievements, improving work safety, and including employees in decision making. In this session we examine how wellbeing is changing how employees are viewed and valued by their organisation.

    • Fostering employee wellbeing by considering the internal and extrinsic advantages of implementing a post-covid wellness program.  
    • Creating a learning and development culture based on the key literacies of financial, digital, educational, social emotional and physical wellbeing. 
    • Implementing strategies designed to elevate an employee’s wellbeing, especially if they have been collaboratively involved in its formulation.  
    • Looking at the experience of pivoting workforce management in the pandemic and what lessons our panellists have learnt for the ‘future of work’.  
    Panellists include:
    Joy Marrocco Application Support and Improvement Principal- People and Workplace Services, Telstra
    Gavin Baartman Branch Manager, MicoNZ Ltd
    Peter Zorn Talent and Transformation, IBM Consulting
    Susan Legrady Cloud Engagement Lead, Origin
    Moderated by:
    Nick Gallimore Innovation Director, Advanced 
  • 13:25 - 13:45

    Keynote address: Skills as a ‘Golden Thread’ adding value to the individual and the Organisation as a whole

    By Peter Zorn Talent and Transformation, IBM Consulting

    One of the greatest concerns today in Industry is having access to people with the right skills to meet future business demands. In Addition, it’s important to retain your valued people by offering them quality opportunities to grow their careers in the direction they want. In this keynote address, Peter will examine:

    • Assessing what skills are the ‘golden thread’ that permeate every aspect of the employee lifecycle from attracting the right people through to ongoing development, motivation, and retention.  
    • How to provide a comprehensive digital learning ecosystem that provides easy access to content and a great learning experience for all.  
    • Adhering to principles of transparency, visibility, and personalisation.  
    • Examining what technology today allows companies to make swift step changes and progress in the development of their people, that can be measured accurately. 
    • Developing a ‘sense and respond’ way of working to ensure you continue to develop your people in a way that benefits them as individuals and the organisation.

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