Darren Wedding

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Super Retail Group

Darren is currently the Chief Supply Chain Officer for Super Retail Group, a position he has held since January 2019. His main focus has been in transforming the supply chain to be fit for future. Darren’s responsibilities extend from the sourcing of private brand product all the way through international shipping and logistics of store replenishment and online fulfilment. Darren enjoys running including the occasional marathon.

Takes part in

  • Industrial Real Estate SummitView Full Event
  • 11:20 - 11:50

    What impact has the growth of online shopping/e-commerce had on retail supply chains and Industrial real estate strategy?

    By Darren Wedding Chief Supply Chain Officer, Super Retail Group

    In this session, we hear the Chief Supply Chain Officer of one of Australia’s largest retail groups discuss how COVID-19 and the proliferation of online shopping has impacted their business and forced a re-examination of their distribution network hub strategy.

    • How has COVID-19 changed the demands of supply chain footprints in Australia?  
    • How has the growth of online shopping impacted the supply chain and industrial footprint of one of Australia’s leading retailers?  
    • How has meeting the evolving needs of customers led to a re-balancing of store and warehouse footprint?  
    • What technologies are being implemented to service the market and improve the supply chain across Australasia?  
    • Contract Logistics – What this means for warehousing, distribution & implementing integrated solutions across brands? 
  • Industrial Real Estate WebinarView Full Event
  • 09:45 - 10:15

    Panel Discussion: Rethinking Modern Warehouse Design & Construction

    In this discussion, we gather experts from various Industrial Real Estate disciplines to discuss how technology and building operating systems are both impacting today’s warehouses’ design, functionality and use. We ask what is causing professionals to rethink their warehousing needs and explore what considerations are critical for the successful design, construction and the ongoing facilities management of today’s modern warehouses. We will address: 

    • Examining the best practice principles of Design, Construction and Operations 
    • Incorporating new methods of laying out a warehouse  
    • Assessing Warehouse Management Software  
    • Implementing Productivity Benchmark Metrics
    • Location, land and Infrastructure considerations
    • Looking at Technology and its use in modern Industrial Real Estate 
    • Putting sustainability on the table and assessing ESG principals 
    Panellists include:
    Sally Box Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific, Cabot Properties, Inc
    Alysia Reilly Director, Head of Industrial & Logistics, Hines
    Darren Wedding Chief Supply Chain Officer, Super Retail Group
    David Sanders Director, FDC Building
    Moderated by:
    Charlotte Brabant National Development Manager- Industrial, 151 Property

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