Wanshi Zheng

Group Chief Strategy & Planning Officer, Frasers Property (Singapore)

Takes part in

  • Smart & Healthy Buildings SummitView Full Event
  • 09:30 - 10:00

    International Keynote: Why smart healthy buildings will become the “new normal”

    By Wanshi Zheng Group Chief Strategy & Planning Officer, Frasers Property (Singapore)

    To date, smart building’s health applications have focused on maintaining the best indoor temperature for occupants, developing intelligent lighting or improving air quality and ventilation. While all these systems do support general health, they do not help control the spread of diseases like Coronavirus. With many experts claiming that this kind of pandemic may become more common in the decades ahead, Smart Buildings need to develop a deeper toolkit to see how it can help.

    • Examining the need to create buildings and workspaces that aren’t just frictionless, but also touchless – and the various technologies that can be used to achieve this.
    • Keeping ahead of the technology curve in an era of rapidly changing digital ecosystems
    • Highlighting the importance of digital solutions for tenants that offer insights around what is expected now, and what’s coming next
    • Reviewing how data is collected and how the insights generated can lead to innovation in facilities management
    • Using the data to reduce energy consumption for climate and sustainability goals as well as helping to improve public health and safety

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