Simon Cox

National Director, Cushman & Wakefield

Takes part in

  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in Real Estate ForumView Full Event
  • 14:00 - 14:30

    My observations from working with an organisation highly committed to Diversity & Inclusion

    By Simon Cox National Director, Cushman & Wakefield

    In this moving story, we hear from Simon Cox, Head of Asset Services Australia for Cushman & Wakefield on both his career in Real Estate and some personal experiences that have shaped his journey to date. In particular, Simon will share:

    • Establishing and managing one of the first all-female management teams in QLD
    • Working with staff and clients to help make flexible work arrangements a reality
    • His lived experience of raising a son with Down Syndrome who is also now part of the Cushman & Wakefield team as part of their national Job Support program

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