Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Real Estate Forum: 4 February, 2021

About the event

Unlocking the potential of diversity, equality and inclusion in Real Estate

Recognition of the imperative to promote diversity in the property and construction sectors is long overdue. Not only is it important to remove the deeply rooted obstacles to equal gender representation and wider diversity at all levels, it is increasingly urgent given the chronic skills shortages arising from a long-term failure to appeal to a much wider talent pool. Industry leaders must live up to their titles. They need to set aggressive targets and put in place practical implementation plans to achieve them.

This Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Real Estate Forum will provide a wealth of ideas and insights into effective ways to change the culture of an organisation, and how together we can begin to transform our industry for the better.

It will provide guidance, advice and actionable ideas for professionals in the sector who want to make Diversity, Equality and Inclusion an inherent part of the culture of their organisation and win the war for talent in real estate and construction.


Forum: 12 pm – 5.30 pm, Thursday 4th February – Virtual Event


5 key reasons to attend

1Global Experience: Learn from over 15 global and local experts leading the way in Diversity & Inclusion

2Hear from a broad range of experts: We cover diversity and inclusion across gender, age religion, disabilities, and the indigenous Australian perspective

3Value for money: Over 5 hours of content with early bird tickets starting from only $249

4Virtual Event: Join from the comfort and convenience of your PC

5Connect and Network with the people and companies driving the D&I agenda

Who should attend the Forum?

The answer is any and everyone from within the Real Estate & Construction industry including:

  • Heads of D&I
  • Heads of HR & Recruitment
  • Head of Company Culture
  • Heads of Learning & Training
  • CEOs & MDs
  • Heads of Strategy
  • Heads of Real Estate & Property
  • Project Directors & Managers
  • Anyone looking to make a positive change in
    their company’s workplace culture

Anyone looking to make a positive change in their company’s workplace culture.

get involved!

Seats are strictly limited. Summit will start in








Forum Program

Learn from over 15 global and local experts leading the way in Diversity & Inclusion.

  • ForumFebruary 04, 2021
  • 11:30 - 12:00

    Virtual registration & networking

  • 12:00 - 12:10

    Welcome remarks

    By Leon Kantor Co-Founder & COO, FuturePlace
  • Establishing D&I into your company culture

  • 12:10 - 12:30

    Chairperson opening remarks: Getting people to understand what Diversity & Inclusion means and how to address the causes of why we have such a lack of diversity within the industry

    By Emma Hendry Non-Executive Director, TIKS

    In a sector facing huge disruption and change, fostering diversity, equality and inclusion within your business and its leadership will give you a powerful commercial advantage.

    • Overcoming Workplace realities and making D&I part of the business agenda
    • Aligning the company’s agenda to achieve an inclusive culture with gender parity
    • How do we need to measure inclusion and why focusing on EDI drives overall business performance?
    • Addressing Mental Health in the workplace
  • 12:30 - 13:10

    Plenary panel discussion: Establishing D&I in the fabric of your company culture and as an agent for real change

    By Leah Ong Property and Projects Manager Australia, Sime Darby Motors Group Australia
    • Examining the principles of building an inclusive workplace
    • Addressing why there is such low participation by women and minorities across the industry
    • Looking at cultural diversity and how to best foster this within the industry
    • How do we address the issues of:
      o The challenge of commission-based roles and networking with clients at night
      o The 6-day week of construction and is 5 days really ever going to be possible?
      o Pregnancy and the need to care for kids
    • Inclusion of Indigenous Australian’s, LGBT and other minorities such as Race, Religion,
      Working with Disabilities and Ageism
    Panellists include:
    Daryl Browning Chief Executive Officer, ISPT
    Kate Langan Group GM Property, ANZ Banking Group - Australia
    Tamika Smith Chair, Top 100 Women and Executive Director, My Bella Casa
    Jenny Tseng Principal Digital Advisory, Mott MacDonald
    Moderated by:
    Leah Ong Property and Projects Manager Australia, Sime Darby Motors Group Australia
  • Story's of inspiration

  • 13:10 - 13:40

    Are you challenging your paradigm?

    By Steven Moses Director, Business Operations Pacific - CBRE

    In this thought-provoking story, we hear from Steven Moses as he recounts how his personal and professional life has been shaped by his willingness to challenge his own way of thinking and that of those close to him. From his early years in the American South, Steven has always sensed a misalignment between his expectations of himself and those imposed on him by others. At times that misalignment worked against his progress, but at important points in his life, Steven has benefited from it when leaders saw more in his potential than he saw himself. His story will examine:

    • Growing up in the south and dealing with discrimination as a way of life
    • Naval experience and world travel
    • Early years in the Property Industry
    • Dealing with fear of change
    • The importance of leadership in fostering diversity
    • Why diversity matters
  • 13:40 - 14:00

    Virtual coffee & networking break

  • 14:00 - 14:30

    My observations from working with an organisation highly committed to Diversity & Inclusion

    By Simon Cox National Director, Cushman & Wakefield

    In this moving story, we hear from Simon Cox, Head of Asset Services Australia for Cushman & Wakefield on both his career in Real Estate and some personal experiences that have shaped his journey to date. In particular, Simon will share:

    • Establishing and managing one of the first all-female management teams in QLD
    • Working with staff and clients to help make flexible work arrangements a reality
    • His lived experience of raising a son with Down Syndrome who is also now part of the Cushman & Wakefield team as part of their national Job Support program
  • Recruitment & education

  • 14:30 - 15:10

    Panel discussion: Examining recruitment and education to drive a positive and more inclusive company culture

    By Rebecca De Cicco Principal of Global Digital Operations, Aurecon

    In this session, we look at the recruitment and education of the industry and how cultural change is enhancing work culture and fostering an inclusiveness and an enhanced work-life balance.

    • How to successfully implement a D&I strategy into your recruitment and company culture
    • Examining how education and the role of learning fosters the greater outcomes of diversity and inclusion within the company and across the industry
    • Creating roles and catering to the diverse needs of multi-generational workers from Baby
    • Boomers to Gen Z
    • Post-Covid and creating greater flexibility in working hours and location
    Panellists include:
    Kristin Hay Partner, Head of People & Culture - Knight Frank
    Dr Dan Carpenter Chief Executive Officer, TIKS
    Ingrid Massey Director of Talent, Learning and Diversity, Pacific - CBRE
    Lauren Kajewski Director Sustainability & Learning and Chair of the D&I Committee, Landcom
    Moderated by:
    Rebecca De Cicco Principal of Global Digital Operations, Aurecon
  • 15:10 - 15:30

    Virtual coffee & networking break

  • 15:30 - 16:10

    Fireside chat: Examining how we can employ and empower Indigenous Australians into the industry

    By Jason Ardler PSM Former Head Aboriginal Affairs, Department of the Premier & Cabinet NSW

    In this session, we examine how employers can engage and hire more indigenous Australians and help first Australians build a successful career in Real Estate.

    • How do you create an effective indigenous Australian employment campaign?
    • What cultural considerations need to be made when looking to employ indigenous Australians?
    Panellists include:
    Karen Mundine Chief Executive Officer, Reconciliation Australia
    Jason Ardler PSM Former Head Aboriginal Affairs, Department of the Premier & Cabinet NSW
    Moderated by:
    Emma Hendry Non-Executive Director, TIKS
  • Leading by example

  • 16:10 - 16:50

    Locknote address: What does strong D&I leadership look like?

    By Johanna Beresford Chief Executive Officer, In Diverse (UK)
    • Progressing cultural change and promoting inclusion and diversity to drive better company performance
    • Creating a balanced boardroom and looking at what it can achieve
    • Unlearning the last 25 years of business practice
    • Understanding the power of empathy
    • What’s standing in the way and being the change that you want to create
  • 16:50 - 17:00

    Closing remarks

  • Close of Forum

Our Speakers


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer
In Diverse Company (UK)


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer
Reconciliation Australia


Group, General Manager Property, ANZ


Director of Real Estate
Volvo Group Australia


Director Sustainability & Learning ad Chair of the D&I Committee, Landcom


Director, Business Operations Pacific, CBRE


Partner, Head of People & Culture, Knight Frank


Head of Asset Services, Australia
Cushman & Wakefield


Director of Talent, Learning and Diversity – Pacific, CBRE


Digital Project Manager


Non-Executive Director


Top100 Women


Founder & Chair
Women in BIM


Former Head of Aboriginal Affairs, Department of the Premier & Cabinet NSW