Pierpaolo Franco

VP - International Markets Development, Glodon - China

Takes part in

  • Digital Built World SummitView Full Event
  • 13:40 - 14:00

    Bringing project data together from its many sources, formats and phases to create a data-rich digital hub that tracks BIM asset data from design through operations

    By Pierpaolo Franco VP - International Markets Development, Glodon - China

    From design through construction, the project delivery lifecycle of buildings, facilities, bridges, and other physical structures creates an extraordinary amount of data. The data is often disorganized and left unused after handover to owners, developers and operators when the project is completed. And building owners want digital data at handover to get the most out of their investment, given nearly 80 percent of an asset’s lifetime value is realised in operations. In this session you’ll learn:  

    • How you can deliver a holistic and usable view of design and construction data as a digital twin for operations 
    • Why a single source of truth for operations will help reduce the total cost of ownership of projects, and help owners realise the value of BIM long after handover 

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