Achieving an Authentic & Green Winter Olympic Village with BIM 5D

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Village Project implemented Ecological venues built within mountains and forests using technologies like BIM 5D software. To preserve and maintain the historical, cultural and natural resources of Yanqing was an important task for the project but to also achieve a truly ‘Green Olympics’ and further contribute to the sustainable development of the built environment.  

A key factor for the project was high-altitude, multi-layer tableland topography that the area presented. The project design team adhered to a green Olympics for the 2022 winter games. A key point of the Project was how to control the construction material selection, processing and acceptance according to the building standards of ultra-low energy consumption. 

The application of BIM 5D was across many stages of development. In the design stage, using Tekla and Revit to deepen the design of the steel structure and other related specialties, and determine the optimal construction scheme. From the construction stage, Using Glodon’s new production module of BIM5D to enable the field management, quality, safety, technology and other departments in order to carry out collaborative work. This also meant completing the point cloud model of the construction site and checking it with the measured data of the earthwork grid and the geological prospecting report. The construction scheme was for the elevation difference of temporary construction planning in different construction stages of the alpine site. 

Three-dimensional scanning technology was also used to collect realistic data of the mountains. According to the construction plan, the three-dimensional visual dynamic planning of the construction site and living area should be carried out in stages to solve the problem of elevation differences of temporary construction in different construction stages of the alpine site. 

By setting up stations at multiple points and scanning the excavated foundation pit earthwork with a 3D scanner enabled the team to complete the point cloud model of the construction site with an accuracy of less than 2mm, and check it with the measured data of the earthwork grid and the geological prospecting report to complete the final digital construction site model. 

According to the standardization manual of enterprise temporary construction in combination with the site construction scheme, CI layout was carried out for the mountain office area and construction area of the Yanqing Winter Olympics Project, so as to meet the standardization requirements of construction safety and cleanliness. Using the data of 3D scanning point cloud model, the topography model is generated in Revit. After the designed foundation pit model is processed according to the foundation pit and garden elevation of each group, the earthwork balance quantities are calculated. 

With a permanent high slope structure being the largest risk factor in the project’s northernmost side, an IoT stress monitoring sensor was installed. The BIM was implemented in the smart site to monitor the stress changes of the high slope in real time, and issue early warnings of stress in time to ensure the safety of the Winter Olympics. 

The formulation of relevant standards and processes for BIM included colour standardisation for multi-disciplinary modelling, project template making, fineness standardisation of structure and electromechanical specialty and solidification of multi-discipline model deepening process. 

The specialised subcontracting of steel structures provided the steel structure discipline model and cooperated with other disciplines to carry out BIM detailed drawings. On the basis of the structural model, a comprehensive arrangement of electromechanical pipelines and the detailed drawing of intelligent weakness was carried out. Other basic applications of multiple models that were based on BIM included: Secondary Brick arrangement, Deepening for ultra-low energy consumption group, Communication and Collaboration based on panoramic roaming technology, Secondary Deepening of Electromechanical installation based on real scenic point cloud, Glodon BIM 5D + Smart site data decision-making system and BIM facilitating steel structure quality management. 

There are many benefits to using all this technology for an Authentic and Green Olympics. These included direct economic benefits; with 3D scanning and BIM earthwork calculation control saving nearly 60,000 cubic metres of earthwork. There are many benefits for the smart site that included the IoT smart platform improving the safety of the high slopes, reducing workload by 50 per cent reducing site labour control by 30 per cent of the patrol time and improving work efficiency by half with video monitoring and AI identification. Through open model and data management throughout the whole process, the workload data collation was reduced by 40 per cent with the help of BIM management in the whole process of steel structure. Work progress of steel structure tasks was sped up by 30 per cent thanks to on-site quality inspection of 3D scanning, work progress of actual survey and measurement was accelerated by 60 per cent. 


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