Stephen Perkins

Senior Technical Director & Beca Technical Fellow, Beca

Takes part in

  • Future of Office Space Singapore SummitView Full Event
  • 12:10 - 12:30

    Designing for Future Change amid Uncertainty

    By Stephen Perkins Senior Technical Director & Beca Technical Fellow, Beca

    A range of powerful drivers are changing landlord and tenant requirements for today’s commercial real estate – and creating deep uncertainty on what tomorrow’s needs will be.  Digital disruption to business models, and rapidly changing workplace strategies, mean that Tenants are quite uncertain on what their future needs will be; while a strengthening business commitment to environmental sustainability is significantly raising market expectations of what a truly green building needs to be. On top of this, increasing employee demands regarding the quality of their work environment and its impact on their personal wellness, adds another variable to predicting the office building of tomorrow. 

    While no one can predict with absolute precision how workplaces will change due to these forces, savvy developers and tenants are adopting a set of design strategies that allow them to identify changing needs early, and then adapt in the future with a minimum of cost and operational disruption. Steve will discuss these strategies which include: 

    • Detailed digital data gathering and analytics to identify changing space use and building performance patterns  
    • Using construction methods that make changes easier and more cost effective to implement 
    • Building space and digital infrastructure futureproofing 
    • Climate change and pandemic response planning 
    • Building a fearless culture that invests in new engineering approaches today, to de-risk the future.

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