Joanna Marsh

Head of Venture Investment & Advanced Analytics, Investa

Joanna is a leader with 18 years of Australian & International property experience, across office, industrial and residential sectors. Currently, she is GM of Innovation & Advanced Analytics at Investa and is disrupting the property markets globally though data & AI/ML. Over her career, she has transformed big property companies and small ones. Grown property businesses through acquisitions, financing and leasing. Sold down assets and restructured portfolios. Created property management & tenant service businesses. Built technology platforms with corresponding systems, processes and people. Joanna studied Neuroscience at Harvard University, Design Thinking at Stanford and has a variety of AI/ML and data nanodegrees from MIT & Udacity.

Takes part in

  • Data & Analytics in Real Estate SummitView Full Event
  • 09:40 - 10:00

    Building ‘Moneyball’ prediction models and data insights for real world solutions

    By Joanna Marsh Head of Venture Investment & Advanced Analytics, Investa

    The time when brokers could lean on gut feelings to get the best deal is gone. Today, if you’re not paying attention to the numbers, you’re losing money. We consider the evolution of valuation approaches from a focus largely on leverages advances in AI and machine learning prediction to one now balanced by needs for interpretability and explainability. 

  • ESG in Real Estate SummitView Full Event
  • 12:10 - 12:30

    An Iceberg in a Heatwave: The investment logic for ESG

    By Joanna Marsh Head of Venture Investment & Advanced Analytics, Investa

    The biggest asset class in the world is also one of the slowest moving…And the pressure to deliver not only strong financial returns, but also to contribute to a better world, has never been more intense – fuelled by changing capital demand, tightening regulations & a whole new culture around decision-making at speed in a data-fuelled world. 

    But what if real estate professionals could leverage ESG data to unlock new opportunities and drive competitive advantage? 

    Joanna Marsh makes the case that strong financial returns aren’t enough and reveals why real estate leaders need to look at environmental, social and governance criteria to find hidden alpha.  

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