Chloe Teo

Head of Enterprise Clients, Colliers

Takes part in

  • Future of Office Space Singapore SummitView Full Event
  • 09:25 - 10:05

    PLENARY PANEL DISCUSSION: Examining the GREAT REALISATION and what it means for office demand, design, and the role of technology and innovation as we embrace the modern Singaporean office.

    The one constant in life is change and change is always disruptive. Covid caused massive disruption to the CBD and Commercial Real Estate, with significant economic impact. As we transition toward an endemic outcome, we also face geopolitical unrest, and climate uncertainty, with high inflation and a world recession also forecast. What is not known is how permanent this impact will be with many companies advocating for a push back to pre-covid workplace arrangements, and others adopting hybrid working policies. In this session we gather leading industry professionals to talk about the changes to office space pre and post covid, the latest innovation trends and the realisation that the evolving global landscape will continue to impact the future of Singaporean office space.

    • What are the implications of hybrid work on Singapore’s CBD and the national economy?
    • What role are tenants playing in defining the new office landscape?
    • What can landlords do to enhance their office design to attract and retain tenants?
    • Examining the role of innovation and technology plays in making office spaces clean, healthy, attractive, and more sustainable.
    • What does all of this mean for office landlords, investors and agencies and how can they work together to enhance and revitalise the CBD?
    Panellists include:
    Vivekk Sehgal Associate Director - Workplace, Singtel - Singapore
    Chloe Teo Head of Enterprise Clients, Colliers
    Mark Farrow IOT Program Manager, Google
    Nele Cornelis Executive Director, European Chamber of Commerce
    Michael Taggart Executive Director, Enterprise Sales, JLL Technologies
    Moderated by:
    Natalie Craig Managing Director, C&W Services, Singapore, Cushman & Wakefield

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