The Sustainable Digitalisation Project

The Sustainable Digitalisation Project (SDP) is a collaboration across industry, government and the academic sector working to make digitalisation in the built environment responsible, ethical and sustainable. Based out of Australia, the SDP is establishing philosophy, definition, business case and practical frameworks to advance sustainable digitalisation in decision making around digital technology in real estate, infrastructure, cities and investment.

“Simon sees digital technology as instrumental to our ability to achieve sustainability and improved quality of life and work, but it is also a significant sustainability risk factor in itself. This demands a critical perspective and new approaches to governance.

As the Founding Chair of the Sustainable Digitalisation Project (SDP), Simon is helping to lead a movement to the responsible, ethical and sustainable use of digital technology and data in the built environment. As a long-term corporate sustainability strategist, he examines digitalisation in environmental, social and governance (ESG) terms, and examines how we can improve practices and performance in our organisations and technology projects.”

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