The PropTech Connection

Our aim is to facilitate the adoption of technologies within real estate. Starting with the technology buyer’s core commercial needs, we are able to help technology companies and real estate companies achieve their commercial goals by putting the right technologies in front of the right technology buyers. By doing this we reduce the lead time, cost and pain of the current process by intelligently assessing each stakeholders needs.

We also want to help emerging technologies scale globally by giving access to the right capital partner to fund their next stage of growth. The right capital partner is important and again our aim is to use our knowledge of the industry to bring the right investee and investor together.

We also want to de-risk the scaling process. The proptech connection has an extensive network and knowledge with our core regions of APAC, North America and Europe and we work with our partner companies in best utilising cashflow, capital and keeping CAC to a minimum, when landing in these territories.

Ultimately our deep experience across all 3 stakeholders – technology buyer, emerging technology company and investor- allows us to adroitly and efficiently facilitate the next wave of technology adoption in real estate.

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