Michael Stott

Director - City Strategy and Place, Urbis

Empowering people, places and economies to thrive.

Michael is an accomplished urban designer, placemaker and strategic planner who has spent the last 20+ years’ working around the world on city shaping projects that create liveable places for people. His professional experience includes working for several globally recognised, leading consultancies and government entities, who are at the forefront of changing how cities are designed and planned.

Michael is passionate about his work and ensuring his projects contribute to diverse, engaging, successful and safe public environments that thrive. In his practice, Michael works both at a strategic level to identify the best ways to deliver change through strategic and physical interventions, animation, engagement and branding, and at a detailed level, drawing plans for the reconfiguration of streets, public spaces or urban developments.

Michael is a former Board Member of Ontario Chapter of The Congress for New Urbanism and is an active member of the Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel and the Campbelltown Design Excellence Panel.

As an accomplished facilitator and speaker, Michael regularly presents internationally on issues related to placemaking, urban renewal and creating healthy cities.

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