Manuel Käsbauer

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, PATRIZIA AG

Manuel Käsbauer is PATRIZIA’s Chief Technology & Innovation officer (CTIO). He is responsible for trend scouting across industries, identifying new business models, reshaping the way of work (New Work) and searching for innovative technology solutions on a global level.

Prior to leading the T&I team, Manuel was responsible for PATRIZIA’s expansion in Europe, M&A activities and European Residential Fund Management. He joined PATRIZIA’s Management Board in 2020 after almost 7 years of service at the company. In his function he is also responsible for strengthening PATRIZIA’s offering through investments in the technology sector. Prior to joining PATRIZIA, Manuel held various positions in the real estate industry and worked in the academic field. Manuel holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Regensburg, IREBS.

Takes part in

  • Future of Office Space SummitView Full Event
  • 17:10 - 17:40

    International locknote address - Enhancing the performance of a A$75Billion real estate portfolio through community focused innovation

    By Manuel Käsbauer Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, PATRIZIA AG

    At PATRIZIA, they pride themselves on their forward-thinking, responsible and sustainable approach to commercial building investment. For almost 40 years these attributes have allowed them to deliver long-term, value that continues to grow their A$75Billion real estate portfolio for their stakeholders, clients, and tenants. In this session, we hear from their Chief Technology & Innovation Officer Dr, Manuel Käsbauer on the megatrends shaping the Future of Commercial Real Estate and how innovation is enhancing their portfolio and ability to develop meaningful communities across their commercial portfolio.

    Guest include:
    Manuel Käsbauer Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, PATRIZIA AG
    Raphael Gielgen Trend Scout, Future of Work - Vitra, Switzerland

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