Empowering Diversity and Advancing Women in Real Estate: An Interview with Sadhana Smiles

FuturePlace Interview Spotlight, Sadhana Smiles

FuturePlace recently interviewed Sadhana Smiles CEO of Real Estate Industry Partners where she shared her insights on empowering diversity and advancing women in real estate. Sadhana discussed that how diversity is transforming the real estate industry and empowering women within it. Join her at Real Estate Innovation Festival to discover their vision for the industry’s future and the strategies to support women pursuing careers in real estate.


FuturePlace: Hi Sadhana, what is your role and responsibilities within Real Estate Industry Partners (REIP)?

Sadhana Smiles: I am the CEO of REIP and my key focus is on growth, collaboration and industry engagement.


FuturePlace: How do you see the important shift towards greater diversity playing out in real estate today?

Sadhana Smiles: Diversity in any sector is critical, our industry is very diverse and it does reflect the communities we serve. Today we have a lot more women in leadership roles, what I would love to see next is more diversity. Diversity is critical; however, it is in the inclusion that we unleash the power of the talent in our organisations; diversity on its own never works.


Diversity is critical; however, it is in the inclusion that we unleash the power of the talent in our organisations; diversity on its own never works.


FuturePlace: What can companies and individuals do to support more women into real estate as a career?

Sadhana Smiles: Leaders need to understand women’s ambitions around leadership or business ownership, and then we need to support them into these roles. Importantly we need a talent pool to choose from with mentoring opportunities. Women who are already in leadership roles need to ensure that they keep the door open and bring up other women with them.


FuturePlace: What innovation is the next big thing that you see in this space?

Sadhana Smiles: Real estate has almost been over innovated with suppliers often focus on a siloed issue to solve. What the next big things needs to be, that will be to the advantage of the industry, is more collaboration within the Protech space. Agencies need our suppliers to be more integrated to provide us with better visibility. We are way off from having one view of the client and it shouldn’t be that hard. The innovation is not the next big thing, it is the collaboration of the current suppliers.

FuturePlace: Why should people attend your session and REIF overall?

Sadhana Smiles: I am thrilled to be involved in this years presentation and I am presenting at the breakfast and leadership sessions. Join me and my other panellists to get an insight as to what the future holds for the property sector.

Real Estate Innovation Festival

Sadhana will be speaking at the Real Estate Innovation Festival, taking place on 23-24 October 2023 in Sydney. Bringing together the top owners, operators, developers, investors, media, PropTech startups, and technology & service providers from across the country at the go-to event for the Australasia real estate technology movement. Together, let’s build the future of real estate.

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