Menno Lammers

Founder & Quartermaster, PropTech for Good

Takes part in

  • ESG in Real State SummitView Full Event
  • 16:00 - 16:30

    Society 5.0 – How sustainable development targets and property technology are coming together to auger in a new and better age

    By Menno Lammers Founder & Quartermaster, PropTech for Good

    In this session, we will hear from Menno Lammers – founder of PropTech for Good – how the UN Sustainable development Goals will guide the future of the sector and our society. Menno will answer questions such as:

    • Examining what is Society 5.0 and what role do real estate and technology play?
    • Understanding what is necessary to make a change and how ESG will help?
    • Which practical examples give direction to Society 5.0?
    • Why does the industry need bold missions?

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