Future of Office Space Summit: 23rd March 2022



COVID-19 has focused minds on exactly what the office is for and how central a role it should play in corporate strategies and budgets – as well as making the strengths and limitations of home set-ups all too apparent.

But what does the future hold for office buildings where so many spent the majority of their waking hours. How do employees and tenants feel about returning to the office? Can offices be virus-proofed and made more resilient to get through this and future pandemics? How much space, what type of space and what locations will organisations need or want in future? What will this mean for CBDs and the economy – and ultimately how will this impact office landlords, managers, REITS and fund managers.

Back for its 2nd year, The Future of Office Space Summit brings together the brightest minds in the industry to explore these questions and more.


Sydney | Physical & Virtual


23rd March 2022

Our Speakers


Global Lead for Real Estate & Workplace
Google – USA


Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
PATRIZIA – Germany


Head of Workplace Strategy
Charter Hall


Commissioner, Commission into the Future of Sydney CBD and Co-CEO, BVN 


Founder & Chair
The Sustainable Digitalisation Project


Head of Customer + Product Futures


Director Property Funds
Panthera Property Group


Head of Occupier Services and Commercial Agency, Asia Pacific
Knight Frank – Singapore


Executive Managing Director Property Management


Managing Director
Your Leasing Co.


Managing Director & Head of SE Asia
PGIM – Singapore


Fund Manager Australian Prime Property Fund Commercial


Senior Asset Manager


Managing Director
Pacific Oak Capital Advisors


Global Head of Real Estate


Head of Research & Strategy
Investa Property Group


Head of Research
Charter Hall


Workplace Partnership Manager


National Director, Office & Logistics Property Management The GPT Group


Principal, Buildings


General Manager Corporate Sustainability


Six Capitals Consulting


Trendscout, Future of Work Life & Learn
– Switzerland


Senior Workplace Design Manager,


The Future of Office Space Summit is an exclusive event consisting of top-level content and thought leadership discussions exploring the office market. It’s where owners, managers, brokers, investors and solution providers can come together to access the most up to date and credible knowledge delivered by local and international experts. If you really want to know what the future holds for the office market – the stuff you can’t Google, then this is where you’ll get it?   

Topics being covered include:

  • Office in Flux – where’s the market heading
  • Examining the New NORMAL and what it means for office demand, design and the role of technology
  • What are the implications of hybrid work on city CBDs and the national economy?
  • What role are tenants playing in defining the new office landscape and what does this mean for office landlords, investors and agencies?
  • Leveraging CRE analytics to get valuable insights around office portfolio use and performance
  • What’s the current view of REITS and fund managers regarding office investment returns?
  • Is there evidence of a flight to quality in the office market and a longer term structural shift to certain types of office assets?
  • How is office space being reimagined and digitally armed for a new era of work?
  • The new role of the office as a cultural and collaboration hub – how can landlords enhance their buildings to support this for their tenants?
  • The impact of hybrid work on office design and location – what do tenants really want?
  • Understanding the role of technologies such as IAQ, AI, wearables, visitor management and contactless in creating offices that are safe, healthy, productive and sustainable
  • Overcoming the challenges involved in creating an effective office technology deployment strategy
  • Looking at how ESG minded tenants are driving the future of office space demand


The Future of Office Space Summit is a senior level forum for executives involved in commercial real estate looking for strategic approaches to drive growth and innovation.

  • Office owners/landlords
  • Tenants
  • Agencies/brokers
  • Fund Managers
  • Property/Facility Managers
  • Tenant Advisory Firms
  • Local government
  • Tech companies
  • Consultants

Anyone involved in providing services or solutions related to office real estate.

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Summit Program

The Future of Office Space Summit 2021 explored what the new normal will look like for the workplace, office space and tenant requirements post COVID-19.

  • Day 1March 23, 2022
  • 08:30 - 09:00

    Main conference registration and morning coffee

  • 09:00 - 09:10

    Chairman’s opening remarks

    By Leon Kantor Co-Founder & COO, FuturePlace

  • 09:10 - 09:40

    Deploying technology in a secure and scalable way to enable SMART Buildings across GOOGLE’s commercial portfolio

    By Sabine Lam Global Lead for Real Estate & Workplace, Google

    Sabine Lam is the Global Lead for Real Estate & Workplace for Google and is responsible for the network security, transformation, adaptability, sustainability and the digitalisation of more than 700 buildings and data centres – across more than 40 million square feet of commercial Real Estate. In this session we hear how Google sets and manages their CRE goals and how they are implemented across their portfolio in over 50 countries globally.

    • Unpacking the Google Operating Systems in terms of Real Estate Workplace Services (REWS) and what it means for our employees, buildings and the tech that enables it all
    • Reviewing security, transformation, adaptability and the digitalisation of buildings from a REWS and multi-user precinct perspective
    • How do we build our buildings in order to meet REWS standards?
    • Tackling sustainability from energy usage and measurement to materials across the supply chain and ongoing facilities management
    • How data is critical to realising all of the above and sets the standard for Google approaches to REWS

  • 09:40 - 10:20

    Plenary panel discussion - Examining the New NORMAL and what it means for office demand, designand the role of technology as we push to revitalise CBDs

    Covid has caused massive disruption to CBDs and Commercial Real Estate. Once thriving cities, full of office buildings housing employees have been forced into lockdown with significant economic impact. What is not known is how permanent this impact will be with many companies advocating for a push back to pre-covid workplace arrangements, and others adopting hybrid working policies. In this session we gather leading industry professionals to talk about the past, present and the future of office space such as: 

    • Has the role of the office changed forever and what are the implications of hybrid work on city CBDs and the national economy?  
    • What role are tenants playing in defining the new office landscape? 
    • What can landlords do to enhance their design, safety, air quality, wellbeing and more to attract and retain tenants? 
    • Examining the role technology plays in making office spaces clean, healthy, attractive and more sustainable. 
    • Looking at retail from a commercial building perspective; how can we support retailers in order for them to support the tenants of the buildings they occupy? 
    • What does all of this mean for office landlords, investors and agencies and how can they work together to enhance and revitalise the CBD? 
    Panellists include:
    Ninotschka Titchkosky Commissioner, Commission into the Future of Sydney CBD & Co-CEO, BVN
    Sasanka Liyanage Head of Research, Charter Hall
    David Sanders Director, FDC Building
    Amanda Steele Executive Managing Director, Property Management, CBRE
    Moderated by:
    Kelly Cunningham Managing Director, Your Leasing Co.
  • 10:20 - 10:40

    Unlocking the power of data & analytics to optimise the performance of office portfolio’s

    In this session you’ll learn how CRE analytics can be used to produce valuable insights to investors, landlords, and property teams about office portfolios. 

  • 10:40 - 11:00


    In this fast and furious networking session we bring together attendees to get to know each other, swap details and forge new business relationships. 

  • 11:00 - 11:30

    Morning tea & networking break


  • 11:30 - 11:55

    Research report - Commercial property under the spotlight - one year on, what has changed?

    By David Cannington Head of Research & Strategy, Investa Property Group
    • Examining current office performance/analysis 
    • Occupancy rates and leasing demand  
    • Stock levels and how demand is evolving in the new environment 
    • Changing tenant needs/expectations of hybrid workplace 
    • Contrasting Grade A with Grade B properties and the opportunities created 
  • 11:55 - 12:35

    Meet the managers - Capital markets and investor perspectives on Commercial Real Estate

    The future for office commercial space looks increasingly uncertain, as more and more people work from home and some employers consider making it a permanent arrangement. This could significantly affect office real estate investment trusts, or REITs, at least in the short to medium term, according to analysts. However, some are still somewhat positive on the longer-term outlook. 

    Back by popular demand, we invite some of Australia’s leading commercial fund managers to lift the bonnet and crystal ball gaze into the trends of commercial real estate from the viewpoint of investors and the capital markets.  

    • Examining the short, medium and long term prospects for office space. What are the current occupancy rates, impacts on leases, price per sqm and yields etc? 
    • What are the view of REITS and fund managers regarding office investment returns? Is there evidence of a flight to quality in the office market and a longer term structural shift to certain types of office assets, and what sort of assets are in demand? 
    • Assessing if the ‘risk adverse’ money is moving away from office and into other sectors such as industrial & logistics as investors seek safer, more ‘risk adjusted’ returns? 
    • Reviewing what lenders are doing and thinking in the face of the WFH-driven uncertainty? Also, what can landlords do to influence the outcome of the WFH versus in-office contest? Lastly, what has happened to LVRs and underwriting? 
    • Examining how are office landlords are adjusting to climate change pressures? Building operations are a major source of emissions and as capital allocators look for sustainable investments, does the property industry have any choice but to de-carbonize? 
    Panellists include:
    Gemma Moulang Senior Asset Manager, EG
    Micah Schulz Fund Manager Australian Prime Property Fund Commercial, Lendlease
    Rodney Timm Director Property Funds, Panthera Property Group
    Mark Fischer Global Head of Real Estate, Qualitas
    Moderated by:
    Ben Aitkenhead Managing Director, Pacific Oak Capital Advisors

  • 12:35 - 13:00

    How is office space being reimagined for a new era of work

    In the past three decades, a series of quiet revolutions in design have changed the way offices are used, erasing former hierarchies of walls and cubicles and incorporating workplace methodologies from the technology industry into team-based, open-plan layouts. At the same time, digital tools such as e-mail, Excel, Google Docs, video conferencing, virtual whiteboarding, and chat channels like Slack have made a worker’s presence in those offices less essential. The pandemic has collapsed these divergent trends into an existential question: What’s an office for? Is it a place for newbies to learn from experienced colleagues? A way for bosses to oversee shirkers? A platform for collaboration? A source of friends and social life? A respite from the family? A reason to leave the house? It turns out that work, which is what the office was supposed to be for, is possible to do from somewhere else. 

    In this presentation, we’ll hear how forward-thinking companies are figuring out how to balance what appears to be a lasting shift toward remote work with the value of the physical workplace. 

  • 13:00 - 14:00

    Lunch & Networking Break

  • Day 1 - Cont.March 23, 2022
  • 14:00 - 14:40

    Panel Discussion - The evolving role of the workplace: Creating places with form, function and purpose

    In this session, we look at why companies want/need people in offices and how landlords have a role in creating places with purpose. We examine the role office buildings play in creating complex workplace ecosystems that will ultimately encourage tenants back into the CBD. While hybrid is important, getting more people back into office buildings is also key to the success and longevity of the CBD and the Australian economy so we examine what more can be done to address this. 

    • The new role of the office as a cultural and collaboration hub – how can landlords enhance their buildings to support this role for their tenants. 
    • Assessing the impact of hybrid work on office design and location – what do tenants really want? 
    • Understanding the link between employee health, wellness, productivity and office demand.  
    • From CBD to CED (Central Experience District) – Will Australia follow in the footsteps of Asia and Europe and shift towards integrated mixed-use precincts
    • Partnerships, mergers and acquisitions – exploring the new types of partnerships and business models which are emerging between traditional office landlords, brokers/agencies and “space as a service” companies as a new office market emerges.
    Panellists include:
    Tica Hessing Head of Workplace Strategy, Charter Hall
    Natalie Slessor Head of Customer + Product Futures, Lendlease
    Letitia Hope Workplace Partnership Manager, ISPT
    Moderated by:
    Gabrielle Bibby National Director, Office & Logistics Property Management, The GPT Group
  • 14:40 - 15:20

    Voice of the tenant panel - Looking at how tenant demands across Asia are driving landlordsto adopt innovative approaches to the design and fitout of their offices

    By Tim Armstrong Head of Occupier Services and Commercial Agency, Asia Pacific, Knight Frank

    One way to attract or to keep wavering tenants secure is by investment into the buildings themselves. Tenants want greater amenities and end of trip facilities, as well as building connectivity that increases organisational culture, productivity as well as promoting staff well-be
    ing and environmental sustainability and overall air quality. These areas and more will be discussed in this intimate panel discussion led by one of the region’s leading experts in Occupier Services and his tenants.

    • What are the views of tenants across APAC and what lessons can be applied for tenants in Australia?
    • Examining what trends and themes are driving Best Practice from an APAC perspective?
    • Looking at how occupiers are becoming more vocal in what they want from landlords and how agencies are working to bring them together
    • Understanding what the future may look like and how it is being shaped to meet evolving demands for spaces that provide wellbeing, functionality, safety and in a more sustainable way
    Panellists include:Moderated by:
    Tim Armstrong Head of Occupier Services and Commercial Agency, Asia Pacific, Knight Frank
  • 15:20 - 15:40

    Interactive round table sessions

    These quickfire moderated roundtable sessions enable delegates to break up into small focus groups of 20 to deep dive into topics of specific interest. 

    • Roundtable 1: Office design for a hybrid world 
    • Roundtable 2: Tenant experience – How to track and measure the right data to improve tenant relationships 
    • Roundtable 3: Leveraging big data and analytics to assess portfolio performance and investment decisions 
    • Roundtable 4: Creating healthy sustainable offices through technology 
    • Roundtable 5: Smart buildings: Overcoming technology deployment obstacles 
  • 15:40 - 16:10

    Afternoon tea & networking break


  • 16:10 - 16:30

    Understanding the role of technologies such as IAQ, AI, wearables, visitor management and contactless in enabling the return to work, and creating offices that are safe, healthy, productive and sustainable.

  • 16:30 - 17:10

    Sustainability in the spotlight - Looking at how ESG is driving greater sustainability acrosscommercial real estate

    Before Covid changed the landscape, ESG and the need for greater sustainability was coming of age. Today, tenants have taken up the baton, making it even more important for developers and landlords to design, build and operate with ESG at the forefront as the push towards Net-Zero gathers pace.  

    • Assessing the role and impact of ESG has had upon Commercial Real Estate and how it has evolved over the last 24 months? 
    • How is technology playing a key role in addressing sustainability issues and enabling commercial buildings to tread more lightly on the planet? 
    • Starting with construction and ending with ongoing faciliites management, what are the best prctices we can adopt and what impact is it having on sustainable CRE? 
    • Examining much of a factor is sustainability when tenants are considering which buildings they’d like to operate in? 
    Panellists include:
    Margot Black General Manager Corporate Sustainability, Investa
    Bruce Precious Principal, Six Capitals Consulting
    Jeffrey Robinson Global Head of Sustainability, Aurecon
    May Kay Cheung Senior Workplace Design Manager, Atlassian
    Moderated by:
    Simon Carter Managing Director, Morphosis  & Founding Chair, Sustainable Digitalisation Project
  • 17:10 - 17:40

    International locknote address - Enhancing the performance of a A$75Billion real estate portfolio through community focused innovation

    By Manuel Käsbauer Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, PATRIZIA AG

    At PATRIZIA, they pride themselves on their forward-thinking, responsible and sustainable approach to commercial building investment. For almost 40 years these attributes have allowed them to deliver long-term, value that continues to grow their A$75Billion real estate portfolio for their stakeholders, clients, and tenants. In this session, we hear from their Chief Technology & Innovation Officer Dr, Manuel Käsbauer on the megatrends shaping the Future of Commercial Real Estate and how innovation is enhancing their portfolio and ability to develop meaningful communities across their commercial portfolio.

    Guest include:
    Manuel Käsbauer Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, PATRIZIA AG
    Raphael Gielgen Trend Scout, Future of Work - Vitra, Switzerland
  • 17:40 - 17:40

    Cocktail reception


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