Will​ O’Donnell

Managing Partner, Prologis Ventures (USA)

William O’Donnell leads Prologis Ventures, the innovation platform and venture capital arm of Prologis. Will’s primary role is to invest in cutting-edge technology for supply-chain logistics and real estate. He is also responsible for facilitating the integration of innovative concepts into the company’s day-to-day activities. Will is married with two wonderful daughters and is an avid golfer who enjoys time on the course

Takes part in

  • Industrial Real Estate SummitView Full Event
  • 15:50 - 16:30

    Sustainability Fireside Chat - Industrial Grade ESG - How design and technology are the keys to Industrial Real Estate sustainability

    The global real estate sector is the largest contributor to the global climate crisis. In this session we examine why this culpability is driving big changes in how architects, builders, owners, operators and tenants are all working to tread more lightly on the earth and instil sustainable principles across the industrial landscape. In this session, we examine the technologies that are enabling the move towards sustainability and the ESG principles making it possible: 

    • How is climate change impacting how we approach industrial portfolios? 
    • Green & circular – using solar panels on the roofs of warehouses and other renewable energy sources to achieve carbon neutrality 
    • What other design and technology methods can be used to reduce energy and water consumption and drive bottom-line impact 
    • What role does procurement, social impact, diversity & inclusion play in industrial construction and maintenance? 
    Guest include:
    Andrew Thai Sustainability Manager, Frasers Property Industrial
    Tamara Williams Director, ESG, Altis Property Partners
  • 10:25 - 10:50

    International Fireside Chat - Unpacking global trends around sustainability and innovation and the impact these will have on the Industrial Real Estate sector in Australia

    In this session, we hear from international leaders in industrial real estate Prologis Ventures on the trends they are seeing across North America and Asia. How is China changing the global landscape and how may these trends impact Australia? 

    • Corporate Innovation: How are companies de-risking themselves post Covid and how is open innovation changing the way things are being done?
    • Sustainability: Industrial buildings can play a key role in energy creation, storage and carbon reduction. What is the sector doing to make this a reality?
    • Data Centre: What do Data Centre tenants need and how can landlords provide these needs effectively?
    • Smart Buildings: How can emerging technologies be used to more effectively manage your industrial portfolio?
    • China: How is China influencing the Industrial scene and what could this mean for the Australian market?
    Guest include:
    Will​ O’Donnell Managing Partner, Prologis Ventures (USA)

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