Steven Moses

Director, Business Operations Pacific - CBRE

Takes part in

  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in Real Estate ForumView Full Event
  • 13:10 - 13:40

    Are you challenging your paradigm?

    By Steven Moses Director, Business Operations Pacific - CBRE

    In this thought-provoking story, we hear from Steven Moses as he recounts how his personal and professional life has been shaped by his willingness to challenge his own way of thinking and that of those close to him. From his early years in the American South, Steven has always sensed a misalignment between his expectations of himself and those imposed on him by others. At times that misalignment worked against his progress, but at important points in his life, Steven has benefited from it when leaders saw more in his potential than he saw himself. His story will examine:

    • Growing up in the south and dealing with discrimination as a way of life
    • Naval experience and world travel
    • Early years in the Property Industry
    • Dealing with fear of change
    • The importance of leadership in fostering diversity
    • Why diversity matters

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