Sabine Lam

Global Lead for Real Estate & Workplace, Google

Takes part in

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  • 09:10 - 09:40

    Deploying technology in a secure and scalable way to enable SMART Buildings across GOOGLE’s commercial portfolio

    By Sabine Lam Global Lead for Real Estate & Workplace, Google

    Sabine Lam is the Global Lead for Real Estate & Workplace for Google and is responsible for the network security, transformation, adaptability, sustainability and the digitalisation of more than 700 buildings and data centres – across more than 40 million square feet of commercial Real Estate. In this session we hear how Google sets and manages their CRE goals and how they are implemented across their portfolio in over 50 countries globally.

    • Unpacking the Google Operating Systems in terms of Real Estate Workplace Services (REWS) and what it means for our employees, buildings and the tech that enables it all
    • Reviewing security, transformation, adaptability and the digitalisation of buildings from a REWS and multi-user precinct perspective
    • How do we build our buildings in order to meet REWS standards?
    • Tackling sustainability from energy usage and measurement to materials across the supply chain and ongoing facilities management
    • How data is critical to realising all of the above and sets the standard for Google approaches to REWS

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