Milan Račić

Founder & CEO, Big Robot Company - Ireland

Takes part in

  • Industrial Real Estate SummitView Full Event
  • 17:00 - 17:30

    Locknote address: Family, robotics and automation - Examining how robotics will transform the Industrial & Logistics industry

    By Milan Račić Founder & CEO, Big Robot Company - Ireland

    Milan is not your average entrepreneur, father of 6 and already a highly successful businessman in the world of aeronautics, we hear what has driven him to transform the world of Robotics and Automation. We examine how such technologies are creating a new level of operational efficiency and what this will mean for landlords and tenants alike?

    • Disruption vs Hype: What is the future of Robotics in driving efficiencies and creating new opportunities across the Industrial sector?
    • Examining how trends in automation are impacting warehouse and logistics and how to incorporate new technology into old warehouses?
    • Separating myth from realities – such as job security and will robots ever fully replace humans on the warehouse floor?
    • Creating automation to foster operational efficiency, health, sustainability and a better tenant experience in the “new normal”

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