Isaac J Coonan

Founder, PropTech Brisbane

Takes part in

  • PropTech NEXT SummitView Full Event
  • 14:45 - 15:15

    Fireside chat III: How do we foster a meaningful and collaborative industry within Australia

  • 14:20 - 15:20

    Proptech Innovation Spotlight II: Construction, Commercial and Residential Innovation

    In this session, we hear from companies who are each delivering solutions to meet the current challenges in Real Estate. The speakers will share their insights into why they have developed these solutions and how their tech will drive innovative outcomes for the entire real estate community including construction, commercial building owners and operators, and residential.

    PropTech 1: Toby Littin, Chief Executive, Parkable
    PropTech 2: James Bingham, Managing Director APAC, Alidade
    PropTech 3: Chris Mason, Chief Operating Officer, MobileDOCK
    PropTech 4: Justin Liang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Inspace 
    PropTech 5: Karamjit Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Showsuite
    PropTech 6: Richard Fifita, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Veyor 

    Facilitated by:
    Simon Hayes, Secretary, PropTech Association Australia 

    Panellists include:
    Toby Littin Chief Executive, Parkable
    James Bingham Managing Director APAC, Alidade
    Chris Mason Chief Operating Officer, MobileDOCK
    Justin Liang Founder and CEO, Inspace
    Karamjit Singh CEO, Showsuite
    Moderated by:
    Simon Hayes Secretary, PropTech Association Australia
  • 11:55 - 12:40

    Proptech Innovation Spotlight II – Property Development

    By Isaac J Coonan Founder, PropTech Brisbane

    Technological evolution has a huge influence on the property development sector. There’s a new wave of property developers that do things differently and get better results. In this session, we hear from leading Proptechs who are delivering solutions to meet major developer challenges including data collection, identification of development sites, construction, finance, asset management, tenant experience and more. The founders will share their insights into why they have developed these solutions and how their tech can be a gamechanger for those using it.

    Proptech 1
    Proptech 2
    Proptech 3
    Proptech 4 

    Panellists include:Moderated by:
    Isaac J Coonan Founder, PropTech Brisbane
  • 10:10 - 10:50

    Buyers Roundtable: Examining the uptake, development and use of Proptech across APAC

    In this session we examine the variety of user perspectives of Proptech in Australia from leading developers, building owners and construction companies. We ask how they evaluate Proptech, the decision making process and how they incorporate new technologies into their organisation.

    • Identifying the right Proptech to buy from and invest in – what to look for?
    • How to get relevant stakeholder buy in – driving outcomes while avoiding inertia
    • Things all Proptech’s should know to enhance their chances of getting a deal done
    • From pilot to full scale roll-out – obstacles to be aware of in advance
    Panellists include:
    Lidia Ribarovska Head of Technology, Multiplex
    Dushyant Shrivastava Head of Digital & Data – Australia Hub, Laing O’Rourke
    Patrick Harlalka Co-Founder, Mall of the Future & Investment Manager, Panthera Group
    Ben Wong Head of Open Innovation, Eureka Nova New World Development
    Rachael Yuen Manager, Asia PropTech
    Moderated by:
    Tony Massaro Partner, Integrated Infrastructure - Real Estate Advisory, PwC

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