Helen Snowball

Chief HR Officer Asia Pacific, JLL - Singapore

Helen leads a team of over 400 HR professionals across the region. She is passionate about ensuring JLL systems, policies, processes, workforce strategies, physical facilities & digital tools are aligned to the strategic goals and that they have the right HR & leadership capabilities to support the future needs of their clients. As an organisation that sells CRE services, JLL knows that it needs to ‘live the life’ it offers to clients and in that regard, they focus on the human experience at work and look beyond just the physical features of the office.

Helen has a human experience team to add depth to their in-house employee experience.

Takes part in

  • REwork APAC SummitView Full Event
  • 17:00 - 17:45

    Panel discussion – Maintaining the ties that bind - Building an engaged and motivated workforce for remote and hybrid teams

    History shows that mixing virtual and on-site working might be a lot harder than it looks because we lose the human connections. How can we create a people centric workplace amidst the backdrop of constant change, advancing technology, and hybrid and remote models?

    Panellists include:Moderated by:
    Emma Walsh CEO, Parents at Work - Australia
    Helen Snowball Chief HR Officer Asia Pacific, JLL - Singapore
    Vikas Verma Executive Director, Head HR Strategy - UOB, Singapore

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