Gregory Dewerpe

Founder, AO PropTech, Chairman, AMD Capital

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    International Keynote: Assessing new trends in the Investment - what’s NEXT?

    By Gregory Dewerpe Founder, AO PropTech, Chairman, AMD Capital

    In this session we examine current investment trends as well as the social and economic factors driving change that will impact the industry in the years ahead. We will canvas all sectors such as commercial, retail, residential and industrial to see what trends are emerging and how these will shape the investment and development of the PropTech industry for years to come.

    • Insights on the current real estate investment environment and alignment of value in an increasingly global market
    • Assessing the past year: how have certain ventures progressed?
    • Establishing a CVC: real-time challenges, key considerations and use cases from working with start-ups
    • Where do we go from here and what’s next for the real estate industry and PropTech in 2022 and beyond? Where will we see the strongest investments moving forward?

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