Dr Natalie Galea

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of New South Wales

Natalie is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Australian Human Rights Institute, UNSW Sydney and the co-founder of Cultivate Sponsorship.

She studies human rights and gender equity in the construction sector and human rights in elite sport. She is currently studying the impact of a 5 day working on the wellbeing of construction workers and their families – Project 5: A weekend for every worker. Natalie completed a major industry and government funded research project focused on policy, practice and gender equity in the Australian construction sector. She works closely with the construction sector and is a prominent voice for change.

Prior to commencing her career in academia, Natalie worked for almost two decades as a construction project manager in Australia and the Middle East.

Natalie is an Australian Olympian.

Takes part in

  • Future of Construction SummitView Full Event
  • 14:45 - 15:20

    Panel session: Concord Hospital - Could a five-day week improve the health of workers and improve productivity?

    In this session we address some of the core challenges behind the industry adopting a more flexible approach to work life balance such as the 5-day working week. In this case study of the development of Concord hospital, we examine the perspectives of the client, the construction company and the academic who researched the project:

    • How and why should we move to a 5-day working week?
    • How can you compete with companies working 6 days?
    • Looking at the reasons behind the movement such as:
      • Greater Gender Diversity
      • A better work-life balance
      • Better Safety standards
      • Greater employee satisfaction
      • Increased output and efficiency despite there being fewer workdays
    Panellists include:
    Stephen Surjan Head of Operations, Roberts Co
    Dr Natalie Galea Postdoctoral Fellow, University of New South Wales
    Leisa Rathborne Executive Director, Northern Region - Health Infrastructure
    Moderated by:
    Alison Mirams Chief Executive Officer, Roberts Co

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