Dr Cheryl Doig

Leadership Futurist, Think Beyond

Takes part in

  • Workforce management strategies for a post-covid era WebinarView Full Event
  • 13:10 - 13:25

    Why prioritising workforce growth and wellbeing needs a touch of the future

    By Dr Cheryl Doig Leadership Futurist, Think Beyond

     The use of digital tools in mundane tasks allows for more focus on Organisational Culture and building a connection between people, their output and how their work makes a positive impact on their Business. In this session we examine:

    • Examining how the pandemic has changed the way employees think about their work?
    • What does successful workforce management in a post-covid era look like?
    • Garnering trust, fostering resilience and modelling agility in an effective modern workforce culture.

    What does a comprehensive, thoughtful approach to creating a healthy, inclusive, and diverse work culture look like for the future?

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