Cristina Savian

CEO and Founder, BE-WISE

Cristina is the founder of BE-WISE, an international consultancy focused on driving technology adoption, bringing to market the most promising innovation in the construction and property industries across Europe, the US, Australia, and the Middle East.


Cristina has over twenty years of experience in the civil engineering and technology industries, receiving her MBA from the University of Cambridge, her MSc in Transport from Imperial College London in the UK. She also holds a first-class degree in Environmental Economics as well as being a Chartered Land Surveyor in Italy.


Cristina is an internationally renowned digital construction keynote and guest speaker who holds judge and board positions on engineering and construction panels. She is a key industry voice internationally for the adoption of digital twins for our built assets and was recently named top influencers in the 2021 Who’s Who in Industry 4.0 list. Cristina is on the authors of “Digital Twins for the Built Environment – An introduction to their opportunity, benefits, challenges and risks” Institute of Engineering and Technology – white paper, published in October 2019.


In addition, she runs her editorial column on – where she writes about the new construction industry trends and also recently founded the “House of Digital Twins Club” on ClubHouse, where she hosts weekly rooms in English, German, Italian and French to share knowledge and experience around implementing digital twins for the built environments.

Takes part in

  • Digital Built World SummitView Full Event
  • 09:00 - 09:05

    Chair’s welcome

    By Cristina Savian CEO and Founder, BE-WISE
  • 12:15 - 12:55

    Panel: Spatial digital twins – Forging digital partnerships to support sustainable cities and communities

    Spatial digital twin proof-of-concepts are being rolled out in APAC cities. The developers imagine a series of connected urban digital twins sharing data to boost infrastructure performance on issues including climate change. Our panel gives us an insight on how the system will work and will speculate on the impact of 5G.

    Panellists include:
    Damien Cutcliffe Director of Business Development and Growth, Digital, WSP
    Rory Brown Director, Smart Places Programs, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
    Mark Chapman Executive - Integrated Enterprise Products, Telstra
    Brett Dixon Infrastructure Group Lead - Asia Pacific, Esri
    Nikolaas Kostraby BIM and Digital Lead - Snowy 2.0, Snowy Hydro
    Moderated by:
    Cristina Savian CEO and Founder, BE-WISE
  • 09:00 - 09:10

    Chair’s welcome

    By Cristina Savian CEO and Founder, BE-WISE

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