Bruce Duyshart

Bruce Duyshart

Director & Principal, Meld Strategies
The founder and principal of Meld Strategies, Bruce Duyshart, is a technologist, strategist, and facilitator with a professional background in architecture, planning, design, property development and information technology. He has been at the forefront of innovation within the property industry for the past 25+ years. Over his career he has been involved in successfully implementing multiple ground breaking and award-winning projects. Since establishing Meld Strategies in 2013, he and his team have been involved in over 50 Smart Building projects across Australia. Bruce is a regular speaker on the topic of Smart Buildings and author of ‘Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences.’

Takes part in

  • Smart & Healthy Buildings SummitView Full Event
  • 09:00 - 09:30

    Designing innovative, smart and healthy buildings

    By Bruce Duyshart Director & Principal, Meld Strategies

    Today disruption is moving at an exponential rate, continuously affecting and changing business needs, models, landscapes and the need for and use of Smart buildings. To address disruption, buildings of the future need to be designed with flexibility in mind.

    • Examining what people use smart buildings for: The shift from sustainability to health and wellbeing in modern building design and build
    • Exploring the technologies that are making building occupants comfortable, happy and productive
    • How should the design of buildings best address the needs of today’s workforce where mobility, flexibility and connectivity are key?
    • Embedding smart technologies seamlessly across a buildings infrastructure to increase sustainability, longevity and ease of maintenance
    • ESG – Has the moment finally arrived for the green building movement?

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