Future of Workplace Experience – APAC Summit: 17-18 August, 2021

About the event

For a workspace to be genuinely engaging, its design must prioritize the needs of the people who will use and work in it every day. Sweeping advances in technology are making it possible — and more affordable than ever before — to create workplaces, office buildings, and corporate campuses that offer dynamic, ever-changing experiences connecting employees and engaging visitors like never before.

For landlords and investors, this means happier customers, higher retention rates and better asset returns.

The Future of Workplace Experience – APAC Summit is for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and innovation.


Sydney, Australia


8am-5.30pm, Tuesday 17th – Wednesday 18th August/ Post-conference masterclass: 9-12pm, Thursday 19th August


Before the COVID-19 outbreak, conventional wisdom was that offices were critical to productivity, culture, and winning the war for talent. Companies competed for premium office space in major urban centres around the world, outdoing one another in style and décor.

That’s no longer the priority, (and nor will it be in the near future), with Covid-19 forcing the adoption of new ways of working.

But that doesn’t mean future offices are destined to be dystopian, as some may fear. In fact many companies are planning to transition their employees back into the office as remote workers may not be able to solve every organisational problem.

In the ‘new normal’ organisations must reimagine their workplace and need a plan that maintains safety, rebuilds morale while keeping employees’ comfort and well-being in mind.

So, what does a post-Coronavirus office look like when put into real-life practice? What will tenants prioritise, and what does this mean for landlords, investors and proptech companies?

These are the big questions that we’ll be answering at the Future of Workplace Experience – APAC Summit.

Areas that will be covered include:

  • Workplace Reimagined: How COVID-19 will reshape the modern office experience
  • Is the hybrid working model here to stay, and if so, what are the implications for landlords, tenants and investors?
  • Assessing the long-term implications for critical variables such as space utilisation, technology, leases, operating costs, and corporate culture
  • How to make the office the “destination of choice” through good design and technology
  • How can “smart” transform the office experience post covid – Fusing building tech, smartphones and wearables to make the post-pandemic workplace much better
  • Giving occupants control: Why landlords need to invest in strategies that are highly visible and have a big impact on the occupant experience and health


The Future of Workplace Experience – APAC Summit will bring together building owners/landlords, tenants, brokers/agencies, workplace design experts, and solution providers to explore solutions and form partnerships.

  • Building owners/landlords
  • Tenants/Occupiers
  • CRE brokers/agencies
  • Architects/Workplace design firms
  • Consultants
  • Solution Providers

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